Fishing the Deps Desman

Fishing de Deps Desman

The Deps Desman is a strange topwater lure. It looks like an old vintage north-american lure: its 82 mm length and it weights 1 oz and its body shape is cylindrical. A rear Colorado type blade is attached to the lure body with a 1.6 mm wire. Definitely, this limited edition noisy surface bait (only for 2009 Depsweb Members) it’s not and attractive looking lure for the angler, but don’t get wrong about it. This wild acting topwater lure, is perfected balanced and it creates an special gurgling sound cadence on the water that drives all species wild. Just cast it and retrieve it: you’ll discover its not a crawler, nor a buzzbait… it’s just a spintail kicker that became a surprising finding for me since the first time I tried it.


On a steady retrieve, its colorado blade creates a «plop-plop» sound that fish cannot resist. You can pause the Deps Desman from time to time, as strikes occur when the lure is resting. If you change retrieve speed, it will cause an erratic cripple sound. In order to get more stikes, it’s a good idea to make several casts to the same area. The Desman creates a disturbance that gains the fish attention.

The Deps Desman catches those surface striking bass from pressured waters, that usually see lots of other ‘more tradicional’ topwater baits, like poppers, propbaits and walking baits. The hard to find Desman hybrid lure has become secret favorite of many anglers in the know. It’s a productive low-light hours lure if you’re looking for one of those explosive strikes!.

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