Walking the Deps Brachiostick

Deps Brachiostick: Breaking the surface

The Deps Brachiostick has earned its own place in my tackle-box. There are lots of pencil-baits on the market that will zigzag on the surface side to side like a wounded baitfish. The, why the Dep ‘Brachiosaurus’ stick has become my go-to topwater lure on many occasions?. There are several reasons that sets this awesome lure apart from other surface models.

Long casts are one of the keys to clear water fishing in pressured reservoirs. Designed to perform launches extremely long because its center of gravity is extremely backward, you can cast this 31 g topwater weapon really far.  I also like to use a walking topwater to cover water when searching for active fish.


The dog-walking action that you need to impart in order to get strikes its easy to perform with the Deps Brachiostick. With its concave mouth and 147 mm long slender body this walking bait has a unique spitting action with a loud rattle sound that drives a big bass crazy, making it bite. I like to work the Deps Brachiostick energetically, giving it a strong zig-zag action with the rod tip, moving it rhythmically dart back and forth in a way that big old largemouth find hard to resist. A steady deliberate cadence of your lure is all-important because, after all, it’s what triggers the bass to attack it.

Deps Brachiostick features an internal spring weight micro-vibe system. It will click and clack against the side of the bait and it will cause the bait to quiver ever so subtly in the water. So you get vibration, sound and a good action.

If you’re looking for a big bass walking bait, you shoud give a look to a large lure like this one. It features a tough construction, plus stout split rings and three super-sharp #3 Owner hooks designed to catch big fish. The Deps Brachiostick is ideal for stained to clear water with water conditions ranging from calm to choppy. Try it on hot spots like points, bluff ends, mouth of pockets, sumerged islands, shallow water with vegetation, open water areas, etc. Hold your rod, and get ready for that explosive strike: boom! calavera

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